Automotive Maintenance


Save $1000’s and major inconveniences with proper preventive maintenance

At Fisher Martin Automotive, in Ventura, we are fanatics about saving you money and preventing costly breakdowns.  We do this through thorough inspections and recommendations on proper maintenance.  We’re not the type of people that push you into services you don’t need, in fact we just don’t push.  

However, as your partners in making your car last longer, cost you less, remain safer and keeping it more dependable, we do inform you about maintenance that can help.

We give you the information, answer your questions and leave you to make your decisions without pushiness you see at too many shops today.



Tune-ups improve performance and fuel economy, and prevent costly repairs. A thorough tune-up will provide a reliable vehicle and save you money.

Oil Change Service

Regular oil changes are needed to prevent engine damage from old, dirty oil. In addition to changing the oil and filter, other systems on the vehicle are checked to make sure they are in good working order. This is done whenever you bring your vehicle in for any type of service. Let us help you keep an eye on your vehicle so that it is more dependable.


We offer replacement clutches and repairs that will provide a long and dependable service.

Timing Belt Replacement

Some vehicles have a timing belt that needs to be replaced at regular intervals. Some engines with timing belts have an interference fit that can cause costly repairs if the belt breaks. Let us inspect your vehicle and advise you if, and when, the timing belt needs to be replaced.

Fuel System Service

A clean fuel system will improve performance, improve fuel economy, and can prevent costly repairs. A thorough fuel system service will provide a reliable vehicle and save you money.

Differential/Axle Service

Regular service can prevent costly repairs and major inconvenience. Our technicians will perform a complete service you can depend on.